weather in mauritius

Climate and Best Time To Visit Mauritius

Climate of Mauritius

Mauritius, being a tropical island, is bathed in a relatively mild climate. All around the year, Mauritians enjoy moderate temperatures, which never ever hit the negatives. The ideal time to visit is during the period between April and June, and from September to December.

Southern hemisphere countries have a very different climate and season patterns as opposed to those in the Northern one. When the latter are being warmed by the summer sun, the southern countries are having winter, and vice versa.

Seasons in Mauritius

The country knows only two seasons: summer and winter.

Summer in Mauritius lasts from November to April, the hottest being during December, January and February. Winter is at its coldest during July and August (20˚C at the coast); days at the seaside can still be enjoyed in winter. Summer also brings the most rainfall in the months of February and March.

In general, in summer, we can say that the daylight hours are from 5.30am to 7.00pm, with some slight variations across the two seasons. In winter, it is from 6.45am to 5.45pm.

Summer is the best season for scuba diving and deep sea fishing, while kite-surfing is the ideal in winter.

weather in mauritius

Weather in Mauritius

The central plateau is the coolest region of Mauritius, temperatures varying from 20˚C to 26˚C. The coasts experience higher temperatures, 3-5˚C higher. The districts surrounding the central plateau are warmer, and the western ones are marked by a relatively dry atmosphere. The North is also drier and hotter than the east and south, which enjoy the south-east trade winds.

Cyclones in Mauritius

Mauritius is not usually hit by great storms. Cyclones may happen at any time during summer. The small size of the island is a great advantage when it comes to cyclones in the sense that many times, it does not get hit since the pathway of the cyclone excludes the span of the country. However, the island does run the risk of being brought to its knees in case a violent cyclone passes by. Beach resorts have been erected such that they can withhold strong cyclonic winds.