New Kite Surfing Regulations in Mauritius

Beaches of Mauritius will soon be governed by new regulations pertaining to kite-surfing to be implemented by the Beach Authority.

Amending Kite-surfing Regulations

The increasing number of drownings and similar incidents in our waters has prompted the authorities to reinforce the set of rules and regulations to protect Mauritians and tourists alike. The Beach Authority came together with representatives of the police, the National Coast Guard, the Tourism Authority, and the Kite-surf Association of Mauritius to decide upon the updated regulations. To accommodate for the required changes, the Tourism Authority (Kite Surfing) Regulations 2015 will be amended. The State Law Office will, therefore, have to validate the recommendations sent.

3 Locations Only

The exciting activity will only be allowed at three locations only: at Le Morne’s Trou Chenille and Pointe Sud Ouest, and at Anse la Raie’s Union Ribet. Other beaches like Albion and Mare la Raie which used to be overcrowded with kite surfers are deemed to be inappropriate for this recreation because of the potential danger to both the surfers and beach-users. The Beach Authority explains that certain conditions are to be taken into consideration for the practice of kite-surfing: namely, the direction of the wind, the space available, the usual amount of beach-goers, and security issues all have to be conducive; otherwise, the location is not made for the recreational activity.

Life-Saving Certificate

All operators will be needing a life-saving certificate so that they are adequately equipped to provide first aid in case of incidents at sea.

Time Limit

Kite-surfing will now have a time frame: all activities are to be stopped one hour before sunset.

Beach Authority’s Prerogative

The right to decide whether a beach is appropriate for the practice of kite-surfing lies solely on the organisation. The latter will also shoulder the responsibility of designating the specific areas where it will be allowed.

Monitoring of Activities

Beach Enforcement Officers will be assigned the role of monitoring the number of individuals engaged in kite-surfing at any one time.

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