British Tourists Warned Against Burglaries in Mauritius

The Foreign Office of the UK cautions potential tourists to Mauritius against burglaries on the island; a communiqué was issued last Wednesday, January 11, to inform the British.

UK’s Foreign Office warns British citizens intending to visit Mauritius against thefts and burglaries perpetrated in bungalows and villas. It asserts that such incidents happen quite often in certain areas, and that necessary precautions have to be taken like using the lockers and safes in hotels. Regions like Grand-Baie, Port-Louis, and Flic-en-Flac should be avoided.

The communiqué also says that the majority of the crimes are not violent, but it does add that cases of armed burglary have happened in the past. Otherwise, to the credit of Mauritius, the Foreign Office describes visits to the island as being “trouble-free”.

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