Explored: Riambel Energy Vortex in Mauritius

The small village of Riambel, found in the south of Mauritius Island, is known in the metaphysical world as the location of one of the world’s 14 energy vortexes. For this reason, Riambel is thought of as a center of healing and sees a fair share of people from around the world. While most Mauritians do not even know about the existence of this place, the vortex has been attracting a lot of tourists on the Island lately.

New Age healers claim this particular energy vortex is a link between our dimension and the fifteenth dimension, one that exists in the lower levels of our universe. The energy enters the world in Mauritius and flows through the planet, exiting in an identical vortex on the opposite side. The theory of the vortex is that there is both in “in” and “out” flow, like two identical passages that reinforce but do not inhibit the other.

We have visited the vortex and made a small video which you can watch (above).

In Vortex and Out Vortex

Standing in an “in” vortex is said to make the individual feel pensive, because the energy is pulling them toward the earth. An “out” vortex is more akin to feeling uplifted as if you were being pulled to the heavens. The vortex on Mauritius was the first to become active, and the exact locations of all 13 others have not been identified.

The healing power of the vortex takes twenty minutes to correct the energy imbalances in a human body. It isn’t uncommon to be in the vortex and feel fatigue, dizziness, headaches, or malaise. More advanced medical conditions need to be accessed by a Celestial Physician before treatment in the vortex to ensure the proper amount of healing time. Physical scars after vortex healing have been noted, though the average time for their disappearance is 3 to 4 weeks.  Currently, the vortex on Mauritius is under the care of the Association Travailleurs De l’Amour(TDA) Messagers de l’Aube. It is not associated with any specific religion.

riambel energy vortex mauritius

The classic definition of a vortex is a location where massive energy rotates in a swirling motion, creating a vacuum at the center. The classifications are either:

  1. electric
  2. magnetic
  3. or electromagnetic

Science attributes vortexes to magnetic anomalies. The two most commonly known areas of vortex activity are at Stonehenge and The Great Pyramid in Egypt. The Midwestern United States has several vortexes, most existing between odd rock formations in the desert.

Belief in the healing powers of a vortex is an individual preference. Science acknowledges the existence of these strange occurrences but cannot explain them—and doesn’t really try. Those who have stepped inside a vortex can vouch for its sense of power, though how many of them are cured from the experience is up for debate. The power of the mind is sometimes enough to heal the body of a grievous ill, and if a vortex facilitates that power of positive thinking, it can only receive partial credit for the recovery.

Regardless of the debate surrounding vortexes and their healing abilities, anyone with access to such a location should venture out themselves and have the experience. And it’s in Mauritius…!

How to go to Riambel Energy Vortex

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